About Us



Say something interesting about your business here. Many’s Landscaping is a local landscaping business that provides basic  residential and commercial landscaping services along with snow removal  services.

We have been in the industry since 1996 and our  customer service and commitment to getting the job done is what puts us  among the best in Northern Colorado for your landscaping needs.
We are a fully insured landscaping contractor that offers excellent service at a fair price. We offer free estimates. 


 We serve Northern Colorado communities including:

Berthoud, Longmont, Johnstown, Miliken, Loveland, Fort Collins, Campion, Windsor, and Tinmath. 

It all starts with an idea.


f you have one for that overgrown lot of weeds of yours, great. We  have the skills to make your concept a reality that we're confident will  go beyond your wildest expectations. Whether they're one of a kind or  out of this world, we're on the job until it's completed to your  satisfaction (and in some cases, utter astonishment).

 Maybe you  only know that you want...something. That's all we need to go on. We're  experts at consultative and creative solutions. Give us a feeling, a  color, anything and we'll design a custom solution that's equal parts  beautiful, functional, and maintainable.